Websites are great - they're quick to make, don't rely on people having to install extra software to use, and can be incredibly useful. That's why I sometimes make them in my spare time.

Here's a selection of web projects I've made over the years…

Screenshot of the website

When the pandemic hit and people in the UK weren't allowed to mix outside our households, I made a scavenger hunt around Oxford for my girlfriend. It was a great project to learn a bit more React and experiment with location aware webapps. It's also the first time I'd tried making a website with a dark mode!

I'm really happy with how it turned out and how well it works. If I have time I'd love to extend it to support multiple puzzles and allow users to submit their own for their cities.

Talks Manager

Talks Manager Screenshot

For my University's Christian Union, I designed a simple CMS to manage recordings of the events we put on. It lets you group individual talks into series, upload mp3s or a YouTube video, and let others browse through and search for talks.

CU Website

DICCU Website Screenshot

I ran the website for the Christian Union in Durham while I was a student there. As my first ever WordPress theme, it was a great chance to learn about WordPress theme development, and website design in general.